Why do some nonprofits attract more donors, volunteers, and staff?

For some nonprofits, it seems like they have a built-in attractiveness. They attract new donors, volunteers, and staff at ease. But it isn’t by chance, those nonprofits work hard to attract the right supporters. In this book, you’ll learn how to transform your organization to become a Magnetic Nonprofit — one that attracts the right supporters at the right time.

Magnetic Nonprofit Attributes

In this book, you will learn the six Magnetic Nonprofit characteristics and how to transform your nonprofit to attract the right people. The six Magnetic Nonprofit attributes are:

A Thankful nonprofit shows gratitude to its donors, volunteers, and staff.


A Transparent nonprofit shares information in a way that is easy to absorb and act on.


A Tenured nonprofit is one that has longevity or stability.


A Timely nonprofit organization communicates with donors, volunteers, and employees at the right times.


Testimony is a personal connection or affinity for a particular cause, country, or type of service.


A Tribe is a group of people with a shared interested and way to communicate.

Who Should Read This Book?

About the Author
Jeremy Reis is the Sr. Director of Marketing for Food for the Hungry, a relief and development organization working in over 20 countries. At Food for the Hungry, he manages the team responsible for marketing, sports partners, direct mail and digital fundraising. Jeremy’s worked in a variety of corporate, consulting, and nonprofit roles. He started his career on the tech side and after finishing his MBA at The Ohio State University, jumped over to marketing with nonprofits. Jeremy is the author of Raise More Money with Email and Magnetic Nonprofit and blogs at NonprofitDonor.com.

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